Ghana Prepares To Transport Sankofa Gas Onshore For Processing

Ghana aims to complete work on the infrastructure needed to transport natural gas from the offshore Sankofa field for processing onshore. Speaking to the press, Nana Kofi Damoah, head of communications at the Ghana Ministry of Energy said that work will be complete next August.

The Sankofa field is located on the Offshore Cape Three Points Block (OCTP). The government’s announcement follows criticism from the parliamentary minority that the delay in the delivery of the facilities was costing the public a lot of money.

An agreement signed between the government and the project partners, headed by ENI, provides for Ghana to purchase 90% of the gas produced on site, according to a take or pay mechanism. Under the take or pay, whether the government brings the gas onshore or not, it will have to pay about $6 million a month to the producer consortium.



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