This work plan is guided by ACEP’s mission of asserting itself as the thought leader in energy policy and extractive governance in Ghana and across the Africa continent amidst contemporary challenges and dynamics in the Civil Society Space. The 2020 Annual work plan is sourced from the new strategic plan.

The extractive sector remains critical and continuous to play significant role in its contribution to economic fortunes of resource rich African countries. The continent is host to near-global monopolies of platinum-group metals, chromium and diamonds as well as oil and gas.  However, the benefits of resource extraction to the Continent are limited with minimal trickle-down effects. Countries on the continent rank lowest in the Human Development Index and many other indicators of wellbeing. Twenty-seven of the 28 poorest countries in the world are in Sub-Saharan Africa and the number of poor people in Africa is expected to rise by 2030. Poor governance of the extractive sector, characterised by corruption, rent-seeking, weak institutional capacity and poor citizenry oversight among others, prevent benefit maximisation of the resources.

The 2020 work plan work plan is developed on the assumption that the energy and extractive sectors hold the key to catalyze Africa’s development and reduce poverty. This can be achieved through deliberate improvement in governance and policy formulation to optimize foreign direct investment in the resource sector and advance efficient spending of resource revenues. At the same time, the continent is faced with the realities of climate change and the global transition to cleaner energy sources which poses the risk of stranding Africa’s abundant natural resources. This therefore calls for an active engagement among stakeholders (business, government and civil society) to fashion the appropriate strategy for the development of the energy and extractive sector.

ACEP will engage in evidence-based research, high level policy conversations and advocacy on emerging governance issues.

2020 Program Focus

This work plan is prepared under five thematic areas. These include:

  1. Revenue Governance
  2. Contract Governance
  3. Institutional Development and Corporate Transparency
  4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Resource Governance
  5. Climate Change and Energy Transition

2020 Planned Activities