This project also funded by Oxfam America is based on a theory of change that disclosure of information about oil and gas projects –payments and contracts is a necessary condition for improved management of these valuable resources. Transparency and accountability demands an engaged citizenry and active media. Citizens must have basic information about these projects, the revenues they generate and the impacts they produce in order to have a democratic debate and ultimately engage and influence their management and use. To fight poverty, the issue of corruption in the oil and gas sector must be tackled; the technical skills of anti corruption agencies cannot be overlooked. The issue of discretion in the legal frameworks must be addressed to control potential abuse of office. And these are the ideas for this project.

This is a DFID project targeting the transparency value chain of the oil and gas industry. It is a five-year project with DFID around the governance of oil and gas in Ghana. This is part of a bigger project DFID is funding called Ghana Oil and Gas for Inclusive Growth (GOGIG), to help build institutional capacity in relevant state agencies and Civil Society organisations for better management of the natural resource. ACEP has a watchdog role under GOGIG to improve transparency and accountability in revenue capture, revenue management and efficient regulatory regime in Ghana’s oil and gas industry. Under the project we are building a digital platform to publish receipt and allocation of oil revenues for the public to know how their oil revenues are being spent.