Also known as the “oil for agriculture campaign”, it is an Oxfam GB funded project. The overall objective of the campaign is to contribute towards a food secured Ghana by influencing the Government of Ghana to invest in supporting smallholder farmers. The purpose is to enable women and men smallholder farmers, civil society and citizens in Ghana collectively influence mainstream budget and government spending priorities of oil revenue to leverage additional resources for smallholder agriculture development and food security

Oxfam funds this Project. Extractive industry and Aid are significant contributors to the national budget. The project sought to track the performance of these budget-financing sources to see how they have performed over the year. A report was produced, highlighting the financing of Education Health and Agriculture for Extractives and Aid. An info graphics of the report is being done currently.

his project is funded by IBIS in Ghana. The lack of basic human needs faced by many citizens of Africa has led to the continent being crippled with poverty. Despite the large mast of natural resources found in Africa, the continent continues to battle with poverty. The question is always “What are we not doing right”? The Africa Against Poverty program is designed to help tackle each factor one by one and lead to the eradication of poverty in Africa.  ACEP and IBIS collaboration under the Africa Against Poverty Programme  focus on four problems hampering transformation of natural resources for economic transformation through transparent processes:

  • The management of information around the oil revenue generation and disbursement.
  • Local content: potential to increase benefits from resource extraction by transferring skill, creating jobs and building the capacity of local suppliers and contractor.
  • The Africa mining vision (AMV): That is a progressive concept to help resource rich countries to harness extractive resources management in a manner that catalyses the development of the member countries and the region as a whole.
  • Petroleum contract monitoring which is  a very important role in ensuring transparency and accountability in the petroleum sector