This project is building a digital platform to empower communities to report violation of mining operations. The digital platform is ready. The project is being piloted in two communities. These communities are being supported with Smart ICT devices to capture and send evidence of violations to the digital platform. The capacity of community representatives has been developed to handle the ICT devices. IBIS funds this project.

The discovery of oil in 2007 and subsequent production in 2010 opened a new fiscal window for development financing in Ghana. This came along with great expectations from the Ghanaian citizens. The challenge however for emerging oil producers is the ability to control the incidents of corruption along the value chain of the industry and institutional capacity to check corruption to ensure that revenues are maximised to influence the expected transformational goal of the country. The legal framework and institutional capacity to monitor corruption in the oil and gas sector is noticeably weak. There are three major causes of corruption in the oil and gas industry. They include;

  • unregulated exercise of discretionary power by Ministers
  • low public accountability of petroleum contracts
  •  Low technical capacity of agencies responsible for checking corruption

This OSIWA funded project seeks to work around these causes to reduce the cases of corruption in the oil and gas industry of Ghana by building institutional capacity of anti-corruption institutions and the media to enable them effectively investigate cases of corruption in the oil and gas sector .  Some major activities under this project are:

  1. Training For Anticorruption Agencies In Ghana on the Fiscal Aspect of Oil and Gas and Petroleum Contracting
  2. Facilitation for the creation of “Journalists Against Corruption Coalition” and training them on Petroleum Contracting.