An Evaluation of the Implementation Status of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) through Development of Country Mining Vision (CMV) in Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone

Being an Africa-driven initiative which promises to reform the negative narratives surrounding Africa’s mining industry by ensuring broad-based natural resource-driven development that is also sustainable, the AMV was wholly embraced by many African countries nine (9) years ago. From the AMV, a Country Mining Vision (CMV) Guidebook was developed in 2014 to assist member states to domesticate the African Mining Vision. This paper is the output of the Africa Centre for Energy Policy’s (ACEP) quest to evaluate efforts made by Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone to contextualize the Africa Mining Vision (AMV). The evaluation was borne out of concern that the AMV appears to be yet another of the continent’s redundant efforts. So far, Lesotho is the only country that has fully contextualized the AMV. There is also litile knowledge about individual country efforts to do same.

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