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Harnessing Africa’s Resource Wealth: Fueling Innovation for Equitable Energy Access 

The discourse on a just transition the African way assumes paramount importance, ensuring that no one is left behind in the shift towards cleaner energy sources. The potential disruption to livelihoods in traditional energy sectors including those in the local biomass energy value chain underscores the need for equitable and inclusive transition strategies that prioritize the welfare of vulnerable communities and individuals. For instance, an estimated 120,000 jobs are at risk of being lost in South Africa’s coal heartland of Mpumalanga by 2030 due to the energy transition. Considering that nearly one in three young people is expected to reside in Africa by 2050, harnessing the potential of Africa's youth, women, and businesses is essential for driving innovation and building resilience in the face of evolving energy landscapes. That is, despite the estimated job losses, the energy transition is projected to provide enormous economic opportunities for both labor and businesses. With the operationalization of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement, the energy transition can be a panacea to Africa’s industrialization agenda, alleviate energy poverty, and drive economic transformation.

In this nuanced context, the Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP), in collaboration with its partners, organizes the Future of Energy Conference 2024 to critically examine alternative strategic approaches Africa can adopt to harness the inherent opportunities of energy transition on the thrust of its existing resources.

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The main objective of the Future of Energy Conference is to examine Africa's energy needs and the range of resources and technologies that can sustainably reduce energy poverty and advance industrial growth. The Conference presents a timely platform for stakeholders to converge, dialogue, and chart a course towards an inclusive and sustainable energy future for Africa. By fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange, the Conference aims to catalyze actionable solutions and forge cross-border partnerships that propel Africa towards the future we want.

  1. Enhanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities of Africa's energy transition.
  2. Identification of actionable strategies and policy recommendations to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy solutions.
  3. Strengthened partnerships and collaborations among stakeholders to drive collective action towards energy sustainability and inclusive economic transformation.
  4. Contribution to global discourse on energy transition best practices and lessons learned from Africa's experience.

The thematic focus areas of the Future of Energy Conference include the following:

  1. Climate Finance, Infrastructure development, and Investment
  2. Equitable and Just Energy Transition
  3. The future of oil and gas in Africa’s economic development: When does the clock stop?
  4. Innovations, Research, and development In Africa’s Energy Systems
  5. NetZero Workforce – the role of youth, women, and Persons with Disability
  6. From minerals to clean energy; building an integrated regional value chain of energy transition technologies.
  7. Management of Methane Emissions in Africa

The 2024 Future of Energy Conference (FEC) is structured around three broad categories: plenary sessions, side events, and exhibitions over three days. The plenary sessions are interspersed with keynote speeches, paper presentations, expert submissions, and panel sessions on issues focused on the theme. Further, there are concurrent side events after the opening plenary by partners and other like-minded institutions across various sectors, including governments, the private sector, academia, CSOs, multilateral institutions, etc. Topical discussions at these events would stem from the varying sub-themes of the Conference that contribute to achieving the overall objective. Each day will be crowned with the innovation challenge, where contestants pitch their innovative energy solutions. The winner(s) will be announced at the Conference's closing ceremony on Day 3. The Conference also provides a platform for the exhibitions of innovative energy solutions and products from startups, small and medium-scale businesses, academia, and other Corporations across the value chain.

In line with its central theme, the Future of Energy Conference 2024 creates the platform to recognize and inspire individuals, businesses and institutions at the Innovative Challenge for Energy Solutions, a platform dedicated to fostering cutting-edge innovations in the energy sector. This challenge invites entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry professionals to present their groundbreaking ideas and technologies that address Africa’s unique energy challenges. Innovations vary from various categories, including renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, smart grid solutions, and sustainable energy practices. The goal is to identify and support solutions that enhance energy access, reliability, and sustainability across the continent. Finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their innovations to a panel of expert judges and an audience of key stakeholders, including policymakers, investors, and industry leaders over the 3-day period of the Conference. Winners will receive recognition, mentorship, and potential funding to bring their solutions to market on the final day of the Conference. Join us at the ACEP Future of Energy Conference 2024 and be part of the movement driving Africa's energy transformation through innovation and collaboration.

Participants will be drawn from the following groups:

  • Academia

  • Civil Society Organisations

  • Consulting and Advisory Firms

  • Development Partners

  • Diplomatic Missions

  • Economic and Trade Institutions

  • Energy and Extractive Sector Players
  • Financial and Accountability Institutions

  • Government Bodies (Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Regulatory Authorities, etc.)

  • International and National Energy Companies (Oil, Gas, Renewable)

  • Media

  • Private Sector Players 

  • Think Tanks and NGOs

  • Traditional Authorities

Why join us at FEC?

Experience firsthand the power of collaboration and innovation as we collectively pave the way for a sustainable energy future across Africa. Join us at FEC 2024 to connect with industry leaders, share insights, and contribute to shaping the energy landscape of tomorrow.  

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