Registration for FEC 2024

FEC 2024 is structured around three broad categories; plenary sessions, side events, and exhibitions over a three-day period. The plenary sessions are interspersed with keynote speeches, paper presentations, expert submissions, and panel sessions on issues focused on the theme. Further, there are concurrent side events after the opening plenary by partners and other like-minded institutions across various sectors including CSOs, governments, private sector, academia etc. Topical discussions at these events would stem from the varying sub themes of the Conference that contributes to achieving the overall objective.  The Conference also provides the platform for the exhibitions of innovative energy solutions and products from startups, small and medium scale businesses, academia, and other corporations across the value chain.

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Are you eager to be a part of the assembly of key stakeholders from governments, multilateral institutions, energy and extractives industry entities, business communities, academia, development agencies, and civil societies across Africa to discuss Africa’s energy landscape? Join us as a participant and gain access to keynote speeches, panel discussions, side events, and more. Whether you’re an industry professional, researcher, student, or enthusiast, we welcome your presence and contribution to shaping the future of energy. Click the button below to register as a participant.

Innovation Challenge

This challenge invites entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry professionals to present their groundbreaking ideas and technologies that address Africa’s unique energy challenges. Innovations vary from various categories, including renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, smart grid solutions, and sustainable energy practices. The goal is to identify and support solutions that enhance energy access, reliability, and sustainability across the continent. Apply by Sunday, July 21, 2024.

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Are you a leader in energy-related innovations, products, or services? Showcase what you have got to industry professionals, investors, and decision-makers by securing exhibition space at FEC. Whether introducing new technology, seeking partnerships, or aiming to increase visibility, exhibiting at FEC provides unparalleled opportunities for exposure and collaboration. Click the button below to apply for exhibition space by Sunday, June 30, 2024.

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Apply to Host Side Event

Do you have an innovative idea or topic you are passionate about sharing with the FEC community? Apply to host a side event during the conference and engage attendees with your expertise. Side events offer a platform for in-depth discussions, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive sessions. If you want to lead a side event, click the button below to submit your application by Sunday, June 30, 2024.

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