“The Effect of Oil Price Fall on Ghana’s Budget – Reflections on the Statement to Parliament by the Minister of Finance.”
Benjamin Boakye
Executive Director, ACEP

The Organization

The Africa Centre for Energy Policy was established in 2010 and registered in Ghana under the Companies Registration Code with registration number CG044282013. It is also registered as not-for-profit organization with number DSW15703.

ACEP is an African energy policy think tank and an advisory based organization which works with partners around the World and especially in Africa to harness the potential of Africa’s vast energy resources (oil, gas and renewable) for the accelerated development of the Continent. The Centre recently added mineral policy to its portfolio following the demand by stakeholders to expand our reach to help address the problems facing Africa’s mining sector.

Strict compliance with ethical values including transparency, accountability, anti-corruption, non-political partisanship, efficiency, professionalism, independence and fairness. We stress on the provision of appropriate policy and legal frameworks in Africa’s energy sector that enhances the harnessing of the continent’s vast potential for the development of her people. We lay emphasis on training of managers of African institutions and advocate for greater energy sector governance based on our experience and expertise in the political economy of energy resource management (oil, gas, electricity and renewable energy).

  • Our Mission
  • Our mission is to conduct evidence-based research, policy analysis, capacity development and advocacy to ensure effective and equitable utilization of energy and extractive resources in Africa.
  • Our Vision
  • An Africa in which energy and extractive resources are utilised for economic transformation and sustainable inclusive development.

Our Expertise

Oil & Gas Policy
Energy and Environment
Renewable Energy
Mineral Policy
Policy Advocacy
Contract Policy