Our Thematics Areas

Institutional Development and Corporate Transparency

ACEP recognises that efficient and effective institutions are important in the governance of energy and extractive sectors in Africa. The Centre, therefore, works to develop and strengthen the capacity of institutions, monitor institutional efficiency and effectiveness and create platforms for cross-country institutional engagement and collaboration.

ACEP’s work in this area also focuses on institutionalising the demand and supply side (citizens and governments respectively) through engagements, to promote good governance of the energy and extractive resource sectors on the continent.

These key areas of focus, include:

1. Promoting Institutional Efficiency
ACEP offers advisory services and capacity building training for Institutions that play key roles in promoting transparency and accountability, especially in the protection of the interest of the state and citizens. The Centre recognizes the role of Parliament in ensuring an efficient contracting regime that yields significant benefits to the state. The Centre has implemented programs that have contributed to enhancing the capacity of Parliament in contract analysis and monitoring. Apart from Parliament, the role of the Ministry of Energy, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and the Petroleum Commission (PC) are equally critical in achieving efficient contracting regime, especially in the petroleum upstream sector. ACEP has been engaging these institutions with the aim of promoting the performance of their mandate and holding them in check to achieve transparency and accountability.
2. Online Platforms as tools for citizens' engagement
ACEP has developed and managed a number of online platforms used to promote citizens’ engagement and awareness creation. These online platforms cut across various sectors of our operations. These include: OilMoney, OilMoneyTV, Open Tax Ghana, Petroleum Contract Monitor, Electricity Monitor Ghana