Pressing The Undo Button; A Policy Gap Analysis Of Ghana’s Minerals And Mining Sector To Optimize Gains From The Sheini Iron Ore Wealth

Executive Summary

In the quest to improve the existing narrative of the impacts of Ghana’s mining sector on the sustainable development of host communities and the nation as a whole, the discovery of iron ore mine in commercial quantities at Sheini in the Northern Region of Ghana presents an opportunity to review Ghana’s mining sector laws and policies to identify gaps, and provide recommendations that can achieve transformative effects of the mineral’s extraction. This report does precisely so. The minerals and mining sector policies of Ghana were compared against global and regional standards – specifically the NRGI’s precepts along the decision value chain, and the tenets of the Africa Mining Vision, to identify the strengths and weaknesses, and suggest actionable steps to secure the most benefit from the Sheini iron ore project. Specific findings of the analysis are highlighted below: