ACEP Annual Report - 2019

Message from the Executive Director

In 2019, ACEP pursued the last year of its 2014–2019 strategic plan which had the ultimate objective of elevating the organization to be the thought leader in energy policy in Africa. I am excited to reflect that through the hard work of staff and the Board, ACEP has grown to become important in the energy policy discourse on the continent.

This growth is confirmed by the University of Pennsylvania’s Go-To-Think-Tank Rankings in 2019. ACEP placed 1st in Energy and Resource Policy in Africa and 14th globally.

During the year in review, we continued to build and foster strong partnerships with governments, civil society, academia, private sector and the media with support from donor partners, to deliver policy actions locally and at the regional level. The defining new dimension of our work is the focus on inclusion and the mainstreaming of Persons with Disabilities and women in resource governance. We took advantage of every platform availed to highlight the issues of inclusion in keeping with the aspirations of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and also recognizing that natural resources provide an important source of financing for addressing the issues of inclusion.

We are even more excited about the future! ACEP is entering its 10th year of existence, with a sustained objective to influence natural resource policies through research and advocacy. This is primarily aimed at linking the extraction of natural resources to the socioeconomic development of the continent.

I extend my gratitude to the hardworking staff of ACEP, our partners and the general public, who continue to support us as we look forward to another year of prospects and exciting challenges.

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