An Evaluation of the Mandate Performance & Accountability Practices of PIAC in Petroleum Revenue Management in Ghana

The goal of this research is to provide meaningful feedback to the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) as a means of strengthening the Accountability Committee in the important public oversight roles it plays in petroleum revenue management and utilization in Ghana. The research therefore attempted to, first, document stakeholders’ understanding of PIAC’s identity, PIAC’s mandate/objectives, and what PIAC should be doing to achieve its objectives as stated in section 52 of the PRMA. Secondly, it sought to evaluate PIAC’s performance of its mandate since its establishment and whether ABFA financing since 2016 has made any difference. It also sought to review the Accountability Committee’s transparency and accountability practices and how that affects its goodwill, public trust, and public support. 

Primary data was collected from 43 respondents from 22 stakeholder institutions comprising of Think Tanks and CSOs, Print and electronic media; Donor agencies; Oil and Gas Companies including GNPC; Ministries, Departments and Agencies (collectively referenced as Government); PIAC (including old members) and its Secretariat; the Ghana Audit Service; and Parliament. 


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