Debt Relief & Moral Hazard: Postcards from the Global South

Roundtable with Policy Experts and Analysts

The ongoing “polycrisis” has spawned many effects, one of the most worrying of which is the escalating fiscal-cum-debt crises in many countries across the Global South. Calls are rising for accelerated debt relief to avert a humanitarian crisis.

But is there a right and wrong way to do debt relief? Can poor debt relief strategy worsen outcomes? Using case studies from Zambia, Ghana and Sri Lanka, a panel of leading thinkers explore this nuanced and fascinating subject.

Join us at a roundtable with policy experts and analysts on the sideline of the 2023 Spring Meetings.

Date: Friday, 14th April, 2023
Time: 9:30 EST
Venue: Open Society Foundations, Washington, DC
Also live via Microsoft Teams

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