Building an Economy Beyond IMF Bailouts

The concerning issue amidst the unsustainable debt accumulation in Africa is that despite these substantial borrowed funds, optimal development outcomes for these countries remain elusive—poverty persists, and inequality deepens.

Ghana has sought assistance from the IMF 17 times to achieve fiscal consolidation and debt sustainability. An analysis of Ghana’s governance structure suggests that these bailouts only lead to short to medium-term fiscal consolidation and balance of payment adjustments. Even after the conclusion of the 16th IMF program in 2019, the Fund expressed concerns about the country’s fiscal vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, Ghana remained on this path of vulnerability.

There is a pressing need for active citizenship and conversations on how governance addresses the country’s fiscal challenges. Join ACEP, 3 Business, and the Economic Governance Platform as we bring you the National Economic Forum.

This Forum, themed ‘Building an Economy Beyond IMF Bailouts’, will assemble experts to examine evidence of the drivers of Ghana’s public debt and propose governance pathways for Ghana’s debt sustainability. 

📅 Tuesday, 9th April, 2024

🕘 10:00 GMT

📍Marriott Hotel, Airport, Accra

🎥 Live on TV3, 3 FM and Facebook

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