Reviving the Sleepy Vision: An Evaluation of the Implementation Status of the Africa Mining Vision

The implementation process of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) has been slow since its inception in 2009, even though African governments recognize that the transformation of the Continent can be facilitated by the re-organization of the governance processes around resource extraction. Notwithstanding the slow process, the paper finds that some efforts have been made. These include development of the action plan for the implementation of the AMV as well as the establishment of the Africa Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) to provide technical assistance to member states in realizing the Vision. Through desktop study and stakeholder engagement, the paper examines why the process of implementing the AMV has been slow. It finds that although the AMDC’s role is to support country implementation of the AMV, its support is demand driven. Contrarily, African Heads of State have not owned the process to demand support from the AMDC. The paper recommends that the Africa Union must task a higher panel of African leaders to monitor implementation with timelines, for the Continent to immediately realize the tenets of the AMV in the shortest possible time.

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