The Debt Armageddon: Lessons from Sri Lanka and Ghana

Around the world, fears are rising of a string of sovereign debt defaults creating a domino effect.

As the cost of servicing debt rises, and governments in developing countries struggle to pay up, alarm is rising fast of debt crises mutating into broader economic crises and finally social unrest and political collapse.

Sri Lanka was taken to the brink this year by debt. As it begins to recover, what lessons can its experience hold for countries in the Global South, especially in Africa?

Ghana just started on a painful path to default. How can other developing, especially African, countries learn from Ghana’s strategies to stay afloat notwithstanding its liquidity and solvency issues? Are there pitfalls other African countries can avoid in the first place?

Join two eminent global thought leaders on the frontlines of advising governments and corporations about the political and economic risks brewing from the debt crisis on Zoom on 14th December as they delve into these issues.

You can apply for a limited spot at a roundtable of experts and analysts to frame the key insights or, if not an expert or analyst working in this area, simply register for the public webinar which is open to all and learn from the specialists.

Shanta Devarajan, Former Chief Economist (a.g.), World Bank and Senior Debt Advisor to the government of Sri Lanka
Amaka Anku, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa Practice at Eurasia Group & Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University

Zaina Adamu, Policy Consultant, European Council on Foreign Relations & former CNN Journalist

Ben Boakye, Executive Director, ACEP
Franklin Cudjoe, President, IMANI

Date and Time:
14th December 2022
3:45pm GMT to 5pm GMT – Expert Policy Roundtable
5pm GMT to 6:30pm GMT – Public Webinar

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