Africa Oil Governance Summit 2020: The Implications of Climate Change Action on Oil Governance in Africa

The Africa Oil Governance Summit (AOGS) is the flagship programme of the Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP). Instituted in 2015, the AOGS is convened annually in Accra, the capital of Ghana. The main goal of the Summit is to shed light and address pertinent governance and development issues pertaining to the management and use of oil and gas resources across the African continent. The AOGS thus creates an avenue for, and brings together, stakeholders in the oil and gas industry across Africa and beyond to deliberate on efficient and effective approaches to engender sustainable and inclusive development through exploitation of Africa’s oil and gas resources.

Speakers, panelists, and participants are drawn from the public sector (government/state institutions), the private sector (local and foreign companies/businesses in the upstream and midstream petroleum sector), academia, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), development agencies/partners, and local and international media. The Summit has, since 2015, recorded about 1,100 direct participants with a yearly average of about 250. This excludes virtual participants who are engaged through both the electronic and social media.

Topical issues discussed at previous Summits centered around the following themes:

  • “Africa rising as oil curse beckons for most countries – Is good governance the missing link between oil wealth and development?” (2015).
  • “Rising through the rubbles of oil price shocks; strategies for inclusive growth and sustainable development” (2016).
  • “Maximizing the benefits of petroleum resources in Africa; the role of open contracting for efficient negotiations, revenue capture and effective revenue utilization” (2017), and
  • “Harnessing the potential of local content for economic growth and inclusive development” (2018).
  • “Optimizing oil and gas resources in Africa: the role of new discoveries in the Continent’s development agenda” (2019).
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