Catching the Early Worm

Ghana is one of the few African countries that have been recognized for setting good laws for its oil and gas industry. However, in practice the sector has not been exempt from cases of corruption, limited transparency and other challenges.

This brochure maps out key governance interventions Ghana has made to try and ensure the extraction of oil and gas translates into socio-economic development. It examines where these have been successful, and where there have been gaps or challenges that Senegal could learn from. Overall it shows that achieving good governance is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders, to link oil and gas policy to tangible development outcomes.

The document was commissioned from the Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) by the Senegal Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), with funding from Kosmos BP Senegal Ltd.

ACEP is an independent, African energy policy think tank based in Ghana. We work to influence energy-sector policies in Africa by providing professional analysis of energy policy, training, advisory services and policy advocacy for the efficient and transparent management of Africa’s energy resources. This paper was developed independently.

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