Future of Energy Conference 2023 – Action Points

The Future of Energy Conference (FEC) explores Africa’s pathways towards curtailing energy poverty in the continent. The discourse focuses on the continent’s view of the energy transition, examining the potential risks and identifying solutions that maximise Africa’s economic benefits. The main objective of the FEC is to examine Africa’s energy needs and the range of technologies and resources that can sustainably reduce energy poverty and advance industrial growth.

FEC 2023, the maiden edition of the Conference, was held on the 25th and 26th of October 2023 in collaboration with the Africa Natural Resource Management and Investment Centre of the African Development Bank and Enzi Ijayo African Initiative. It was held under the theme “Resource Abundance, Sustainable Choices, and Innovation: Shaping Africa’s Energy Landscape.” The conference hosted five key panel sessions, interspersed with keynote speeches and paper presentations on issues focused on the theme. The discussions sought to proffer policy alternatives and critical measures available to governments, the private sector, and citizens to be key players in the transition economy considering the local context, leveraging unique strengths and opportunities for intra-continental trade. This report highlights critical action points from the conference. 

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