Forum on the Drivers of Ghana’s Recent Debt and its Implications for the Ghanaian Economy

On Tuesday, 23rd August, 2022, ACEP held a forum to discuss the drivers of Ghana’s debt and their implications for the economy. Speakers were Mr. Benjamin Boakye, Prof. Godfred A. Bokpin, and Nana Osei-Bonsu, with Mr. Joseph Winful as Chairperson.

The forum was premised on the fact that a deeper understanding of the drivers of the recent public debt build-up would enable stakeholders to fashion a broad-based consensus on resolving the problem. This was to foster consensus towards providing input into the ongoing engagement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), given that debt sustainability is expected to dominate any program that would be agreed upon. To this end, understanding the country’s debt dynamics from a more comprehensive point, considering all claims on government, was fundamental to professing solutions than the narrow confines of central government debt development.

The forum’s presentations considered drivers of the recent debt build-up, the pass-through effect of the energy sector development as the financial sector clean-up, implications for the rising public debt for development outcomes, and the private sector competitiveness.

Below is a recording of the forum and the presentations of Mr. Benjamin Boakye and Prof. Godfred Bokpin for download.

The Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) was established in 2010 to contribute to development of alternative and innovative policy interventions through high-quality research, analysis and advocacy in the energy and extractives sector in Africa.

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