Press Statement – CSOs Review of the Extractive Sector in 2022

Members of the Alliance of CSOs working on Extractives, Anti-Corruption, and Good Governance, have reflected on major developments in the extractive sector in 2022 and their implications for the general socio-economic development of the country. After careful deliberations, the Coalition agreed to share its key concerns with members of the media.

The concerns as presented in the statement are on the following:

  • The Gold for Oil Programme,
  • The Jubilee Oil Holding Limited (JOHL) acquisition by GNPC,
  • The Mineral Income Investment Fund (MIIF), and
  • Upstream oil and gas investments.

The Coalition is convinced that good governance and prudent management of the extractive sector has the potential to support Government to navigate the current economic crises. Addressing these and other issues in the sector can free up much needed funds for critical government programmes and spare innocent citizens, the additional burden of paying for the poor decisions of government.

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