Public Forum on Addressing the Power Sector Challenges

The power sector remains critical to Ghana’s economic growth and development. Over the last decade, the sector has witnessed episodes of short-term stability and long-term unreliable supply. Despite successive governments’ investments, the power sector continues to experience perennial challenges that affect reliable power supply. The recent power outages have sparked serious concerns about the institutional coordination between the power sector utility companies and the leadership needed to ensure coherence of action to restore stability in the power supply.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the energy sector have keenly monitored the debates and disputes that have accompanied the processes to restore stability in power supply for households and businesses. Given the key role CSOs play in the energy sector, governance, advocacy, and discussions must be evidence-based and target the critical issues that affect the power sector.

To this end, CSOs in the energy sector led by IMANI Africa, the Africa Centre for Energy Policy, COSECA, NRGI, INSTEPR and IES seek to engage the   Management Teams of the VRA, ECG, GRIDCo, PURC and Energy Commission to understand the key issues leading to the recent power sector challenges and the mechanisms implemented to restore stability and improve institutional coordination in the power sector.

🗓️ Friday, 14th June, 2024
🕘 10:00 am GMT
📍 Alisa Hotel, North Rideg, Accra

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