Pushing the Agenda for Women Empowerment through Budgeting. A Comparative Analysis of Policies and Practices in Ghana, Nigeria, and Tanzania

Gender inequalities and biases pervade cultures worldwide, preventing women and girls from fully realizing their human rights; access to productive resources, rights to reproductive health and overall fair share of a nation’s resources.

The concept of gender budgeting has become an important tool in achieving inclusive development and as a tool that can be used for women’s empowerment. It has been described as the preparation of budgets and its analysis from a gender perspective, geared towards achieving equity between males and females, as far as the spending of public resources are concerned. It is trite that inclusiveness is the surest way to achieving sustainable development as it ensures that resources are shared equitably for all citizens in a way that meets their differential needs.

This study comparatively examined gender budgeting practices in three African countries.

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